Recently, I graduated college! Also recently, Fragment Jam happened. My brain decided to mix the two by looking back at all the projects that I started, but didn't finish, during my stint in university. (Spoiler alert: It's a lot! But thankfully not THAT much more than the number of things I've actually completed at least)

Some notable fragments are a murder mystery tabletop game inspired by an anime game that I've been working on since 2013, a basically complete but super messy Global Game Jam entry from 2016, and the classic failed overly-ambitious game that pretty much everyone has at least one of.

The HTML version is slower than the exe, so I recommend downloading it if you can (and are on PC). There's some real old, unoptimized, code involved and I don't wanna fix it! So no guarantees. (Oh also I realize it's huge in browser, I would recommend zooming the page out until it's a comfortable size. I perpetually browse sites at like 70% size so I didn't even notice until now haha)

Also available for download is a bunch of documents for the stuff I mention in the game (additional game guides, more art, some notes, etc), so be sure to check that out if you want to see more old unfinished things!

Throughout this set of like 8ish games, I had some people that worked with me on a few of them! More specific credits are given in game, but here's I think a general list.

Robert L Hudspethsounddude47
Kerina McCarthy@ink-ear
Vee Nowell@VeeGameDev
Andrew Tran@BearLovingNerd


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Really cool collection – and the effort you put into presenting your fragments is the cherry on top 🍒


Your video game ideas are interesting, especially the magic academy one.  I would love to see them completed, but I totally get that it's tough to work on your own stuff outside of everything that is already happening day-to-day.  I really hope you get one of your ideas to fruition one day.