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Make Friends, and Maybe Some Monsters Too~

A lonely witch finally completes her prized creation after years of mischievous preparation... and it's cuter than she ever imagined! Follow her, her homunculus, and a forgotten friend in this informative course about emotions and magic 🔮

Created with the intention of being a short, sweet, experience! Find a single ending within half an hour, or find all the hidden possibilities within an hour...!

Content Warning: Just a heads up, this game deals with some concepts involving emotional manipulation!

Making Friends is a collaboration between Autumnotopia and Elita, a duo from the PNW who are active in local indie game scenes. Together they've made tiny games about various subjects, including: dodging stuff while being gay, getting trapped in space with a monster, and hypnotizing eldritch gods for fun and profit.

Featuring music and sounds by Ace Luke, a trans nonbinary composer from the PNW who specializes in making music for games. They’ve worked on multiple projects such as a sapphic witch saving a princess and a struggling digital artist.


💀 A deeply goth witch protagonist
✨ A sickly sweet homunculus (wow!)
🐌 A concerned know-it-all (ugh...)
🎭 Choose your emotions, not your actions
🍵 Five endings that teach you new potions based on the feelings you embrace
📖 A spellbook collecting what you've learned


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MakingFriends-1.11-linux.tar.bz2 98 MB
Version 1.11
making-friends-osx.zip 114 MB
Version 1.11
making-friends-win-linux.zip 149 MB
Version 1.11
com.autumngreenley.makingfriends-release1.11.apk 139 MB

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Is always great to see personal-hand drawn games like this!
Is there a mail where we can contact you? I would like to translate it


Hi! Our email contact is mortallymoonstruckgames@gmail.com


Can't believe I have to pay 5 dollars to make friends. (Haha, great game, though!)


I feel like $5 is less money than I've put into most of my friendships - maybe that's how I should market the game now haha. Thank you for playing! :)


This is really good! I'm glad I took the time to complete the spellbook!


Thank you! The bonus for completing the spell book was only thought of and implemented on like the last day before release too, I'm really glad we were able to get it in hehe