NOTE: Either download the zipped file of documents from the download page, or open the imgur gallery linked here and have it available while playing. Read the first set of notes then begin playing!

You are a bread thief in ancient Rome, and you want one very valuable thing; extremely mediocre bread. (Of course at the time it was the height of culinary excellence, but let's not fool our modern selves). Your boss has given you a collection of notes to help you get through The Baker's elaborate security system. Those notes are your best shot at figuring out what to do, so hold them close!

Created for the PIGSquad 2019 July Summer Slow Jam. The themes were 'Edutainment' and 'Ancient History'.

  • If you need to skip a puzzle for some reason, pressing '3' will take you past the current room. This can be useful if you need to redo something or just want to get back to where you were after resetting the game.
  • ...And f1 will restart the whole game!
  • If the game is too large in the browser window, it can help a lot to change the size of the page (using Ctrl+ and Ctrl-)


Autumn Greenley@autumnotopiadev on Twitter
Robert Hudspethsounddude47 on SoundCloud
Vee Nowell@VeeGameDev on Twitter
Nico Skorzewski
Andrew Tran@bearlovingnerd on Twitter


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