One day, your boring life is rocked by your best friend going missing! You're not entirely sure what happened, but you know that it has something to do with that game, Polybius. And now you're the only person that can find the truth.

Created for the July PIGSquad Summer Slow Jam! The themes were 'location' and 'urban legends'. As a part of a Portland gaming group, we thought an urban legend about a video game from Portland was a good fit!


Autumn Greenley@autumnotopiadev on Twitter
Robert Hudspethsounddude47 on SoundCloud
Andrew Tran@bearlovingnerd on Twitter

With a special thanks to our collaborators DeltaOhio, Ruune, and Tim Wilson.

Look out for the sequel Soon™!

Release date Jul 31, 2018
AuthorsAutumnotopia, Photo-fied
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withGameMaker: Studio, Adobe Photoshop
Tags80s, campy, Escape Game, Retro, Spoopy, urban-legends
Average sessionA few minutes


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I worked my around the UI weirdness and finished it! Hooray! I love the story... definitely did not see the ending coming!