Emergency Log 8.25.19XX
3.22 - Collision with unknown object detected. Structural integrity severely compromised. Extent of system damage unknown.

You are a crew-mate on the Containment Station Carnelian. Things went wrong.


The HTML version is mostly functional, but for an optimal performance we recommend downloading the .exe (if you're a PC user that is). There may be some minor audio glitches on the HTML version, so be warned!


Created in (about) two weeks for the August 2020 PIGSquad  Horror Summer Slow Jam; theme: 'Don't Let It Out'. We're going to polish it up in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.

This game contains several brief segments of flashing lights.


Autumn Greenley@AutumnotopiaDev
Austin Martinez-
Andrew Tran@BearLovingNerd


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Carnelian1-3.zip 46 MB

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Brilliant little game and I loved the simplicity of the artwork along with the intriguing plot line. Really enjoy it! I’ll be looking to play some more of your games in the near future. 

Wow! Thank you for the kind feedback and the video! I really appreciate channels that cover small jam games like this

Indie games are much more varied and there are so many great ideas and concepts that developers like yourself come up with. I find mainstream games a bit too formulaic. I really enjoyed your game! 

Nice work. I always enjoyed point and click adventure games.  I liked the style of graphics, simple yet unique enough to stand out and still tell what everything is. The story was fun. And there was a decent length to this game. I would recommend others checking this one out and playing through. Only nitpick is sometimes the clicks on objects/persons didn't register, and I was play the downloadable file on windows fyi.