It's a tough world out there for a bee! But maybe it's a little less tough together?  In this shared keyboard two player game, work together with a friend to do your best at normal bee tasks (solving a puzzle, piloting a mech, etc).

Made for PIGSquad's June Summer Slow Jam! The themes were 'Minigames' and 'The World Is Alive'


Mo Elhassan@o_hamster on Instagram
Autumn Greenley@autumnotopiadev on Twitter
Andrew Tran@bearlovingnerd on Twitter

As a warning, the third minigame has a strobing sprite that may cause an issue for people with epilepsy.


BeesInAPodItch.exe 12 MB

Install instructions

If you experience any lag in the HTML version,  then the Windows version should be less laggy! The Windows version also has fullscreen, if you're into that.

If you can't find a friend to play with, you can be your own friend maybe.


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Such cute minigames! Great jorb.