The party's over. It was great - games, beer, food... SO MUCH food.

TOO MUCH food.

And now most everyone's gone and left you to deal with the damn leftovers! It's up to you to figure out who to send home with what so you don't end up with more food than you could fit in an industrial grade fridge.

Made for Ludum Dare 42: 'Running Out of Space'. The game uses some rude language if you're not into that! (Or if you ARE into that, I guess).


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After A PARTY SIMULATOR 2018 (Post Jam) 4 MB
After A PARTY SIMULATOR 2018 (Jam Build) 4 MB


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Just the right blend of gameplay and humor.

I sorted all the food!!! Well done! Also thanks for the banana joke, I totally thought it was a sausage at first!