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This is a really cool game! I wish it were longer it kind of gives me the same eerie vibe as some of the Rusty Lake Games. The art was really cool I loved the textures and the gameplay was very straightforward and easy to understand. The only issue is while playing in browser the 2nd  lighthouse screen wasn't clickable on both my mac/pc. I had to download the game on my windows computer to be able to complete the story! Overall really fun game, you all did a great job! :D

How do you get past the Chapter I introduction screen?

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Ah sorry about that! There's a small right arrow that gets a little obscured by the art near the bottom mid-right of the screen. I noticed it was hard to see, but haven't gone in since the end of the jam to fix it (but I should definitely do that haha)

What a delight game! I really like the ominious feeling it has. Its art, writing, and music also go very well together, and the point-and-click part is comfortable to play. Thank you for the experience!

Thank you for the review! Such kind words! :)